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Suffolk University Law School
Our thanks to Suffolk University Law School for making this venue available.

Boston, October 5, 2009

Suffolk University Law School, Function Room #170
120 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting begins promptly at 7 p.m.
Reception to follow


Our series of town hall meetings will begin in Boston.

President Glotzbach


President Philip A. Glotzbach will moderate the discussion, in which the following faculty and alumni will take part:
Sandy Baum
Sandy Baum, one of the nation's leading experts on such issues as college access, college pricing, student aid, and the affordability of higher education. Former chair of Skidmore's economics department, Baum is now a senior policy analyst at the College Board, where she has co-authored such publications as Trends in College Pricing and Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society. She also has authored this article for the fall issue of Scope Magazine.

Joshua Boyce
Joshua A. Boyce, M.D. '81, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a recognized expert in the field of immunology with an emphasis on asthma. Chair of the National Institutes of Health Expert Panel for the development of guidelines for the diagnosis and management of food allergy, Boyce provides patient care at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, where he has hosted multiple Skidmore graduates for summer laboratory internships.

Erica Bastress-Dukehart
Erica Bastress-Dukehart is an associate professor of history at Skidmore College specializing in Medieval and Early Modern European history. She teaches classes on perceptions of women in Medieval Europe, Crime and Punishment, the Enlightenment, and science and nature in the Renaissance. She is chair of Skidmore’s Committee on Educational Policies and Planning.
John William Poduska, Sr.  John William Poduska, Sr., a technological entrepreneur and independent business consultant who has launched several leading computer and technology companies.  After working as an engineer for NASA and for Honeywell Information, he founded Prime Computer in 1972, Apollo Computer in 1979, and then Stellar Computer (now known as Advanced Visual Systems).  He serves on numerous boards, including Novell, a global software company; Anadarko Petroleum; and Interactive Supercomputing. His daughter Lily is a member of Skidmore’s Class of 2009.

Thanks to members of the Town Hall Action Team for their help in coordinating this event: Angela R. Foss '82, Vicary M. Graham '82, Kathryn Nedelman Herbst '02, Sandra R. Lipson '71, Patricia Ratner McWeeny '77, Beverly Harrison Miller '67, Hilda Taylor Parrott '77, and James C. Ricker PA P'97 and P'91.



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Attendee lists are updated each morning.

110 Attendees to date

P = Parent

Jamie Sands Ahles '06
David F. Albright '02
Scott M. Allen '83 P
Fred Ausubel
Annette Baker
Tracy W. Barlok
Dr. Erica Bastress-Dukehart
Dr. Sandy R. Baum
Julia B. Bienstock '09
Joshua A. Boyce '81
Rebecca L. Brand '02
Emily K. Brown '07
Christine Burgermaster '99
David Cardoza
Kelly Cardoza
Molly Cardoza
Betsy Caruso
Greg Caruso
Kathryn A. Caulfield '08
Elizabeth Chiquoine '74
Mr. Alfred Michael DeGemmis P
Ms. Caren L. Demoulas P
Rozlynn Rozkuszka Desilets '03
Dr. Minerva T. Domingo P
Mr. Stephen C. Dragotakes P
Mrs. Mary C. Engels P
Natasha J. Fahey '07
Emily Cross Farnsworth '59
Katherine Cannon Fogler '73
Daniel H. Forbush
Angela R. Foss '82
Mr. Don S. Frost P
Paul Gaydar
Kelly M. Genois '08
Ms. Amy Gerber P
Julia A. Giguere '06
John Giordano '83
Mrs. Marie Glotzbach
Dr. Philip A. Glotzbach
Vicary M. Graham '82
Tara R. Greco '87
Sibyl Waterman Haley '71
Serena Davis Hall '74 P
Janine M. Harrod '04
Eliza L. Hatch '06
Kathryn Nedelman Herbst '02
Peter C. Herbst, Jr.
Elizabeth Russell Hochberger '82 P
Anne Blodget Holberton '73
Mr. John W. Humphrey P
Mrs. Pamela P. Humphrey P
Ms. Jamie B. Jaffee P
Arianne R. Johnston '08
Jerald N. Katz '76 P
Fred Kelloway
Erin M. Kennedy '07
Bridget Burke Kevorkian '91
Amy Howard Kingman '06
Mr. Andrew A. Kingman '05
Mark M. Kisiel
Polly Skogsberg Kisiel '62
Mary McDonald Klimek '71
Ms. Robin M. Lichtenstein P
Jonathan W. Liebtag '04
Sandra R. Lipson '71
Carol Lurie
Peter R. MacDonald
K. Quinn MacNulty '07
Louisa M. Macy '07
Barbara Burgess Maier '71
Mrs. Helen W. Marston P
Ms. Cynthia R. McCann P
Eben K. Miller '06
Maggie Moss-Tucker '73
Amy M. Munichiello '94
Dawn Penniston Murray '03
Lucas H. Murray '03
Hilda Taylor Parrott '77 P
John William Poduska, Sr.
Allison Kupfer Poteet '00
Ms. Francine J. Price P
Alison M. Pruchansky '02
Mr. Richard N. Puffer P
Mark Redston
Savannah Redston
Mr. Scott E. Richardson P
Mrs. Susan L. Richardson P
Mr. James C. Ricker P
Joyce Benedict Ricker '69 P
Michael S. Rozinsky '99
Brian Sadie
Jennifer Rose Savino '92
Julie Shepley`
Jon S. Shore '90
Neill Silverman
Reena E. Singh '98
Nicole Ilene Smith '92
Maggi Smith-Dalton '98
Mr. Samuel H. Solomon P
Michael C. Sposili
Mr. Steven A. Sussman P
Mr. David P. Vito P
Mrs. Lia U. Vito P
Jeanne Shipp Waldinger '68
Mr. Michael G. Weinstein '03
Mr. Mordie Weintraub P
Ms. C. Fergie Wheeler '98
Elizabeth Freeland White
Elizabeth Freeland White
Edwin P. Whittemore '04