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Connecticut State Capitol
Our thanks to the State of Connecticut for making this venue available.

Hartford, October 6, 2009

State Capitol, The Old Judiciary Room, 3rd Floor
210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut
Meeting begins promptly at 6:30 p.m.
Reception to follow


Our series of town hall meetings will continue in Hartford.

President Glotzbach
President Philip A. Glotzbach will moderate the discussion, in which the following faculty and alumni will take part:
Sarah Webster Goodwin
Sarah Webster Goodwin, professor of English and faculty assessment coordinator. Working with a steering committee of twelve professors, administrators, and students, Goodwin is leading the College's effort to answer such key questions as, "What should liberally educated people know?", "How should they think?", and "What should they be able to do?" The College's assessment initiative is described in this article in the fall issue of Scope Magazine.

Judy Kunisch '69 Judy Roberts Kunisch '69, president of the Skidmore Alumni Association, healthcare consultant and teacher of leadership at the Yale School of Nursing. Kunisch has spent much of her career building innovative business models to improve health-care quality and control costs. Along the way, she launched a disease state management program for high-risk pregnant women and opened and operated a regional managed-care company.
Craig Poler
Craig Poler '84 has worked as an oil and energy trader for a range of corporations, including Glencore International, Sempra Energy, and the Vitol Group.  He currently structures and trades long-term crude oil and product deals for a global energy firm.  He is a former member of the Chicago Board of Trade, where he specialized in soybean futures, and also served on several committees of the New York Mercantile Exchange.
Beth Post-Lundquist
Beth Post-Lundquist, director of financial aid at Skidmore College. Responsible for the administration of aid programs totaling more than $45 million annually, she assists in the strategic allocation of financial-aid funds in support of Skidmore’s goals of access, academic excellence, and diversity. She also provides counseling to students and parents and assists with the interpretation of and compliance with federal and state regulations.

Thanks to members of the Town Hall Action Team for their help in coordinating this event: Nancy A Brennan '72, Margaret Fay Craig '84, Mary M. Fay '83, and William C. Haydon '06.



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Attendee lists are updated each morning.

49 Attendees to date

P = Parent

Benjamin S. Anderson
Tracy W. Barlok
Charles W. Bliss
Margaret Mitchell Bliss '64
Nancy A. Brennan '72
Michael T. Casey
Steven T. Cornell '81
Margaret Fay Craig '84
Marc Edrich
Mary M. Fay '83
Daniel H. Forbush
Mr. William T. Forte P
Mr. John T. Fussell P
Mrs. Marie Glotzbach
Dr. Philip A. Glotzbach
Dr. Sarah W. Goodwin
John A. Harasyko '84
Glenna Hennessey
Larry Hennessey
Megan Hennessey
Judith Roberts Kunisch '69 P
Walter H. Kunisch
Janis G. Lipman '74 P
Dan Lundquist
Peter R. MacDonald
Brad Martin
Mrs. Carol C. McCabe P
Mr. Patrick E. McCabe P
Dr. Susan L. Nichols P
B. Maxwell O'Meara
Dorothy Dodd O'Meara '57
Craig W. Poler '84
Beth Post-lundquist
Ms. Dale A. Primiano P
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Rozinsky P
Jean Adams Shaw '52
Ashley N. Sklar '03
Brian R. Smith
Mary Beth Smith
Joshua O. Stein P
Ms. Nancy J. Stone P
Sarah Sutherland '72
Bill A. Tatro '84
Ms. Barbara H. Taylor P
Dr. Mark B. Taylor P
Ms. Mara A. Whitman '86
Scott V. Yale '81
Steven L. Yale '81
Jeffrey J. Ziter '94