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New York University

New York City, October 22, 2009

NYU College of Dentistry
Arnold and Marie Schwartz Hall of Dental Sciences
Nagle Lecture Hall, 6th Floor
345 E. 24th Street (1st Avenue and East 24th)
Meeting begins promptly at 7 p.m.
Reception to follow


Our series of town hall meetings will continue in New York City.

President Glotzbach
President Philip A. Glotzbach will moderate the discussion, in which the following faculty and alumni will take part:
Sandy Baum
Sandy Baum, one of the nation's leading experts on such issues as college access, college pricing, student aid, and the affordability of higher education. Former chair of Skidmore's economics department, Baum is now a senior policy analyst at the College Board, where she has co-authored such publications as Trends in College Pricing and Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society. She also has authored this article for the fall issue of Scope Magazine.

Sarah Webster Goodwin
Sarah Webster Goodwin, professor of English and faculty assessment coordinator. Working with a steering committee of twelve professors, administrators, and students, Goodwin is leading the College's effort to answer such key questions as, "What should liberally educated people know?", "How should they think?", and "What should they be able to do?" The College's assessment initiative is described in this article in the fall issue of Scope Magazine.

Barbara Fisher Hall '66
Barbara Fisher Hall ’66 is the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, New York University.  Barbara supervises the offices of Undergraduate Admissions, Study Abroad Admissions, NYU Summer Sessions, and Financial Aid at NYU. Reporting to the Provost, her responsibilities include working with the deans and the finance and budget offices to determine strategic enrollment goals and financial aid packaging for new undergraduate students (both freshmen and transfers).

Steven Victorin
Steven R. Victorin '83 has had a distinguished 25-year career in international finance at Citi, acquiring extensive experience among a number of core capital-raising businesses in the investment-grade and leveraged finance markets in New York, Los Angeles, and London. He is currently Managing Director/Regional Manager, North America and Global Head Technology Media and Telecom, for Global Industries and Regional Markets ("GIRM").


Thanks to members of the Town Hall Action Team for their help in coordinating this event: Susan Gottlieb Beckerman '67, Michael Aaron Glickstein '03, David L. Greenberg '82, Nadivah Feinstein Greenberg '82, Andrew F. Hughes '92, Patrick J. McEvoy '03, Geraldine A. Osnato '99, Emily C. Rover '99, Andrew T. Rubin '90, Sarah L. Schupf '62, Thomas C. Wilmot '99, and Ian B. Zinn '06.



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Christine Wilsey Goodwin '67
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Nadivah Feinstein Greenberg '82 P
Hannelore Hahn
Barbara Fisher Hall '66
Carole Halvorsen
Jeffrey Halvorsen
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Nancy W. Hamilton '77
Nancy T. Hantman '69
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Mark A. Hauser '85
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Lynn Hippen
Andrew F. Hughes '92
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Stewart Goodbody Israni '99
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Sara Lee Lubin Schupf '62
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Suzanne Corbet Thomas '62
Turhan Tirana
Victoria L. Tisch '94
Wilma Stein Tisch '48
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Neela A. Vaswani '96
Steven R. Victorin '83
Adam Wald '94
Edith Zukosky Wald '55
Linda J. Weiss-King '86
Carol Feiker Wetherbee '68
Elizabeth Freeland White
Janet Lucas Whitman '59
Judith Allen Wilson '69
Ellen Posner Wollman '71
Ian B. Zinn '06