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Capital District/Saratoga Springs, February 2, 2010

Gannett Auditorium, Skidmore College
815 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY
Meeting to begin promptly at 7:00pm
Light refreshments to follow

Our series of town hall meetings will continue in the Capital District/Saratoga Springs.

President Glotzbach
President Philip A. Glotzbach will moderate the discussion, in which the following people will take part:
Sarah Webster Goodwin
Sarah Webster Goodwin, professor of English and faculty assessment coordinator. Working with a steering committee of twelve professors, administrators, and students, Goodwin is leading the College's effort to answer such key questions as, "What should liberally educated people know?", "How should they think?", and "What should they be able to do?" The College's assessment initiative is described in this article in the fall issue of Scope Magazine.

Beth Post-Lundquist
Beth Post-Lundquist, director of financial aid at Skidmore College. Responsible for the administration of aid programs totaling more than $45 million annually, she assists in the strategic allocation of financial-aid funds in support of Skidmore’s goals of access, academic excellence, and diversity. She also provides counseling to students and parents and assists with the interpretation of and compliance with federal and state regulations.


Thanks to members of the Town Hall Action Team for their help in coordinating this event: Deborah Sehl Coons '72, Jacqueline M. Jung '61, and Carrie J. VanKloberg '68.

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Attendee lists are updated each morning.

64 Attendees to date

P = Parent

Johanna Wethly Anderson-Boehm '58
Ciara D. Austin '08
Dr. Bruce K. Barach P
Mrs. Irene D. Barach P
Tracy W. Barlok
Beverly J. Becker
Susan Bokan
Mr. Clark W. Brink
Catherine King Burch '80
Barbara M. Casey
Jean Cockcroft
Deborah Sehl Coons '72
Robert Davis
Sally Weil DeForest '72
Beth Della Rocco '98
Lori M. Eastman '87
Nancy Coull Erdoes '66
Richard M. Erdoes
Catherine L. Ferris '74
Jill Fishon-Kovachick '81
Mrs. Marie Glotzbach
Dr. Philip A. Glotzbach
Dr. Sarah W. Goodwin
Joseph S. Gulyas '84
Karen G. Hess '93
Robert L. Hill '09
Christine and Jon Hoek
Kent H. Jones
Susan Clark Jorgensen '59
Jacqueline M. Jung '61
Robert S. Kimmerle
Lawrence R. Lichtenstein '79
Laura Lee Linder '67 P
Mr. Hank Linett
Beverley Estabrook Mastrianni '76
Denise M. McDonald '84
Emily Mopsik '07
Cindy Diaz Munter '95
Mary Phillips Murray '41
Ms. Marianne Needham '09
Tabitha LeClair Orthwein '91
William D. Orthwein '92
Mary Kammerer Parliman '81
Ms. Beth Post-Lundquist P
Loretta A. Quigley '70
Karden H. Rabin '06
Kristin Rehder
J. Thomas Roohan
Letea Payne Rush '95
Michael C. Sposili
Dr. Daniel Starr
Mrs. Judith H. Stephenson
Gabriel M. Stinson '08
Lyndsay B. Strange '09
Lewis Taub
Sonja Taub
Linda Toohey
Carrie J. Van Kloberg '68
Mrs. Kathleen Wachowicz P
Ms. Susan L. Washburn
Susan Rockwell West '62
Maureen B. Winney
Mayor Joanne D. Yepsen
Joanna S. Zangrando