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Jewish Contemporary Museum

San Francisco, January 12, 2010

Contemporary Jewish Museum
Goldman Hall
736 Mission Street, San Francisco
(between Third and Fourth Streets)
Meeting to begin promptly at 6:30pm
Light refreshments to follow

Our series of town hall meetings will continue in San Francisco.

President Glotzbach
President Philip A. Glotzbach will moderate the discussion, in which the following faculty will take part:
Sandy Baum
Sandy Baum, one of the nation's leading experts on such issues as college access, college pricing, student aid, and the affordability of higher education. Former chair of Skidmore's economics department, Baum is now a senior policy analyst at the College Board, where she has co-authored such publications as Trends in College Pricing and Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society. She also has authored this article for the fall issue of Scope Magazine.
Sarah Webster Goodwin
Sarah Webster Goodwin, professor of English and faculty assessment coordinator. Working with a steering committee of twelve professors, administrators, and students, Goodwin is leading the College's effort to answer such key questions as, "What should liberally educated people know?", "How should they think?", and "What should they be able to do?" The College's assessment initiative is described in this article in the fall issue of Scope Magazine.


Thanks to members of the Town Hall Action Team for their help in coordinating this event: David M. Levine '95 and Julianne C. Traylor '68.

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Attendee lists are updated each morning.

60 Attendees to date

P = Parent

Mrs. Linda Alderson P
Mr. Tom Alderson P
Deidre Linburn Alley '93
Lorraine Rorke Bader '67
Christine Bielak Bailey '83
Mr. John R. Barkan P
Dr. Sandy R. Baum
Elene Georgantopoulou Berlind '56
Jennifer Horning Brotherton '95
Rachael H. Caine '07
Vincent J. Catalano '83
Timothy C. Clemmey '90
Marsha Sussman Connell '67
Randall K. Edgar '90
Susan Ershler '63
Matthew W. Finick '92
Jocelyn Ditzel Fraser '99
Mrs. Marie Glotzbach
Dr. Philip A. Glotzbach
Constance Goldsmith
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Goldsmith P
Dr. Sarah W. Goodwin
Benjamin L. Harkins '10
Dr. Marine Harkins P
Dr. Alan F. Krepack P
Mrs. Celeste E. Krepack P
Oren Meir Kroll-Zeldin '03
Joshua W. Lauren '07
Mr. Jaimie R. Levin P
David M. Levine '91
Josephine Leach Lewis '57
Alan P. Mark '76
Brian Travis McCrea
Lynn Lavorgna McCrea '66
Molly C. McEachen '09
Mrs. Beth R. Minick P
Katherine D. Morton '09
Whitney M. Nathan-Collins '08
Anna Ershler Richert '69
Ms. Maryann Ryan P
Hannah Ryan-Humphrey '13
Mr. Andrew W. Schwartz P
Mrs. Sarah L. Schwartz P
Mary L. Serphos '95
Lori Danielson Shannon '79
Seth B. Shonkoff '03
Jeffrey E. Snyder '91
Michael C. Sposili
Jamienne S. Studley
Julianne C. Traylor '68
Michael A. Tsoules '05
Mrs. Deborah H. Verity P
Matthew D. Viggiano '03
Barbara Herbert von der Groeben '69
Florence Goldman Waldrop '64
William Waldrop
Roxana Currie Wales '68
Timothy E. Wall '95
Elizabeth Freeland White
Ms. Jane A. Wise P